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?The Grieving Center? is a powerful website that is actually a web-based television channel-believed to be the first of its kind-designed to help people who have experienced the death of a loved one or a friend.?
- Marketwire.
New York, New York.  Eric Marciano, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of The Grieving Center and Joseph Piazzo, Web Designer of The Grieving Center announced that won the 2007 W3: Silver  Award for Creative Website Design Excellence and Programming in Web-based Television.
As an award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of the production company, American Montage, Marciano,
made use of his 25 years of film directing/producing and editing experience,
10 years of web site creation, and his knowledge of technology trends to launch this important and distinct web-channel.
Marciano collaborated with Reverend William Purdy, Vice President of Provider Relations for Continuum Hospice Care to develop The Grieving Center. A ?web television channel for those who have lost loved ones? the site posts videos ranging from in-depth accounts of memorial services to music videos and oral histories of lost loved ones, and pairs them with online forums dealing with all aspects of the grieving process.
?The Grieving Center will embrace anyone in the community grieving everything from the loss of a son, daughter, or spouse ? to the loss of a pet, relationship, or even a job. Grief is something to be shared and experienced with someone who has been through similar experiences and that will help guide others. The Grieving Center is a hallmark program built to bring our community and nation together in a cyber community focused on healing.?
--Carolyn Cassin, President and CEO of Continuum Hospice Care
?This website is priceless. Through watching the experiences of others and participating in sharing their own, people draw strength from them ? without leaving their home? And in some instances they realize they need more help than what they are getting ? and reach out further.?
-- Winsome Dyer, LCSW: Social Worker -Palliative Care Team, New York Harbor V.A. Hospital
Both Marciano and Rev. Purdy felt that focusing on veteran's issues was a timely and poignant subject. Together they produced The Grieving Center Goes to the V.A. Hospital: Parts I & II, as a tribute to his late father?s legacy, a veteran of WWII. Marciano launched these compelling new segments on Veteran?s Day, Sunday November 11, 2007, to pay tribute to veterans everywhere.
These segments explore the uniquely sensitive and attentive Palliative Care Team at the New York Harbor V.A. Hospital as they shepherd dying veterans and their loved ones through the complex emotions of grieving, loss and bereavement, with great integrity, devotion, and compassion.
?25% of Americans that die each year are veterans. With each year that passes, that number will continue to swell by 8%.?
- Therese Cortez, Coordinator of Palliative Care, New York Harbor V.A. Hospital.
?The Palliative Care Services of the Veteran?s Administration are The Example of bereavement and grieving care for the Nation.  If we can do it, everybody can.?
- Alice Beal, M.D. - Director, Palliative Care: Veterans Affairs, New York Harbor Healthcare.
?Being allowed to film at The New York Veteran?s Affairs Palliative Care Units and interview the remarkable team of physicians, nurses, social workers, administrators, and veterans? families was a powerful and enlightening experience. I came out a different person. Probably the most important aspect of the Veteran?s Affairs Health System is their mission, which is based on the principle of doing ?preventative? health care rather than health care that ?waits for catastrophe?. They have led the country and the world in treatments for Diabetes, Hypertension, Tuberculosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There?s no reason to believe they can?t lead the way in Palliative Care.  I also commend Continuum Hospice Care of being aware the special place the V.A. has in the American Health Care System.?
- Eric Marciano: Co-Founder, Executive Producer, The Grieving Center
For more information visit:
American Montage, Inc.
176 Grand Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
PH 212-334-8283
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