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A Little Less Alone
« on: November 05, 2010, 07:08:27 AM »
Aloft recently, I was reading the in-flight magazine, an interview with author Todd Aaron Jensen about his new book "On Gratitiude" (Adams Media).  It's about celebrities explaining what things they are most thankful for in life from the time before they achieved success until now.  One of the things Jensen said really struck a chord with me.  He said that the purpose of any creative endeavor is to help people feel a little less alone.  And I thought, wow! that really sums up the mission of  We now have far more than 3000 registered users, and each, hopefully, feels a little less alone in grief and hope -- as well as the millions who have logged hits on this channel over the years.  In that spirit, it would be an honor to hear about your story of loss and hope and a creative way of letting those who read your words also feel a little less alone.
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