Author Topic: Hospice Uses the Power of the Internet to Help the Bereaved  (Read 6296 times)

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Hospice Care Uses the Power of the Internet to Help the Bereaved
First-Ever Grieving Website Crafted in Television Form Uses Video to Comfort

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 18, 2007) - Continuum Hospice has just launched the "Grieving Center" on the Internet, a powerful website that is actually a web-based television channel -- believed the first of its kind -- designed to help people who have experienced the death of a loved one or a friend. The site, which is located at, is equipped with more than an hour worth of intriguing videos of real-life interviews, reflections from counselors, brief meditations on loss, and music videos from memorial services, plus a forum to write messages and share grief experiences and memories of loved ones.

"Hospice provides, without a doubt, the most expert and reliable bereavement service for millions of people around the world and the Grieving Center website is potentially going to extend the availability of this vital outreach to millions more," says Carolyn J. Cassin, President & CEO, Continuum Hospice Care. "The intimacy of the Internet makes it possible for people who are grieving to receive help in the privacy of their homes, knowing at the same time they are connected to a network of people with similar experiences, feelings, and strengths."

One of the experiences many people feel after learning of the death of someone close is a sense of isolation. It is during this time that the Grieving Center can be most effectively utilized. Coping with loss involves becoming able to remember without experiencing the intense emotional pain, so the Grieving Center acts like a close friend, especially if you have no one to turn to or don't know what to say.

"To accept loss requires us first to accept our inability to make things happen the way we wanted," explains the Reverend William Purdy, Director of the Grieving Center and Vice President of Provider Relations, Continuum Hospice Care. "The Grieving Center helps people realize that lack of control is part of our universal human situation. The Center guides your focus to what is humanly possible at times of loss and to finding strength to say 'yes' to the future."

Technically, the Grieving Center offers the uniqueness of combining elements of television with the sharing of thoughts through blogs and forums, which gives the visitor a truly innovative experience. In addition to real-life memorial services and interviews, the site includes a video clip offering information and practical advice on how to plan a memorial service.

Videos on the site average about five minutes and feature a diverse array of people telling their stories about loss. The website includes an interview with Mr. Earle Hyman, the celebrated actor of stage and screen (who also played "Mr. Huxtable" on the Bill Cosby Show), talking about dealing with the loss of his life partner. There is also an interview with Ms. Mary Beth Kelly, widow of Dr. Carl Henry Nacht, a beloved St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital physician who was killed in a biking accident on the west side of Manhattan in New York. Ms. Kelly describes, very movingly, coping with her grief since her husband's death. Also, there is a music video of jazz musicians from the East Village in New York playing a Continuum Hospice memorial service that portrays the amazing audience response (seen also on YouTube).

"Everyday it becomes apparent that we will be using the Internet in ways in which we never imagined and the Grieving Center is a direct result of this innovation," says Eric Marciano, President of American Montage. "The Grieving Center site also gives us the ability to post videos where people express their feelings through music, talking and writings, making this site a media rich destination for information and solace, helping us move forward in our lives."

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