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Press Release Quotes
« on: June 17, 2007, 10:21:26 AM »
Press Release Quote #1
The one feeling that I had when I was in a deep state of grief was of isolation. The Internet offers us an opportunity to find help and community without even leaving our home, making it possible to relieve this isolation and find and learn from other people?s experiences.  For me, text on the web was never enough and was in fact some what inhibiting. By combining elements of television with the sharing of thoughts through blogs and forums I feel is truly an innovative and helpful addition in the world of bereavement. 
by Co-Founder Eric Marciano

Press Release Quote #2
Everyday it becomes apparent that we will be using the Internet in ways in which we never imagined; is a direct result of this innovation. This site offers us the potential to connect with millions of people so that we have an opportunity to share our experiences of loss and grieving. The Grieving Center site also gives us the ability to post videos where people express their feelings through music, talking and writings, making this site a media rich destination for information and solace, helping us move forward in our lives.
by Co-Founder Eric Marciano
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