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Giving Thanks in Time of Sorrow
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Beginning with Thanksgiving and for the duration of the winter holiday season our grief can feel intense.  Every gathering of family or friends reminds us of the people we wish were still here.  Ironically, occasions that once were celebrations can turn to moments of sorrow.  What helps us remain open to the future is the fellowship we continue to enjoy with people we still have -- from them we draw strength.  And also it's important to keep in mind the significance of the holidays.  For the person of faith, the underlying theme of Thanksgiving is not only that we have reasons to be thankful, even in the time of bereavement, but that the Lord provides all good things for us and our well-being.  This is often especially clear in the day of sorrow.  Though not the cause of our sadness, God feels and shares every loss with us and shows us that through submission to death the future can transcend the grave.       
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