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Here Again
« on: September 25, 2008, 01:58:01 PM »
I wrote already But i don't really understand this site is it to talk with others? share what you are going through and your feelings? im confused.. I am trying to read up just not real good with this stuff i wanted to thank someone for what they posted it meant alot but when i clicked on them it said i can't view there profile? I already wrote i lost my dad on july 22nd and i just turned 30 september 19th.. that was hard i never thought he would be gone and not here to see me turn 30. And all the up comming things. I have 3 kids .. divorced and i am grateful for my kids they keep me going. The other day i went to the gas station were my dad died in the bathroom i just felt i needed to go there that it may help OMG i lost it and they called 911 for me. I felt sick i ended up being sent to the same hospital they took my dad over a panic attack i couldn't shake it. The guy at the gas station new why i was there i told him i needed to go in there where my dad took his last breath ect...  Maby its nutts but i thought it would help me in some way.. I miss him so much i see hospice tomorrow to talk but i really wish i could figure out this site because theres just days / nights that are bad and its nice to write and see others understand? Do i make a profile or just write. either way i will write it seems to help.
~ Corie


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Re: Here Again
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 08:37:31 AM »
Hello Corie,  I don't know that anything I can say will help other then you are not alone in your feeling of grief.  I just found this site myself and have wrote my first post. (unresolved issues)
I can tell you that I have had my emotions all over the place and I to have broke down crying a number of times. Just yesterday I could feel it coming throughout the morning. I had to hold it together since I was at work until lunch time.  I then drove to an empty parking lot where I could let it out.  I have gone by a number of different places that I know the person I have lost had simply been. Places that I remember her at.  I find I am compelled to go by her old house just to look at it, if only for a minute. I do believe you have to let it out Corie. I think the feeling that you have are perfectly normal and needed. As I said I don't have alot to offer you outside of letting you know your not alone.  I am sorry for your loss.