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One way I have found to cope with my best friends death was talking about her and sharing her story with other friends.  My friend Kaitlyn passed away last year at the age of only 17. She was driving to run errands for her mother at 8:45pm and she lost control of her car. She went off the road, hit a ditch, and rolled her car 2 and a half times. She wasn't wearing her seat belt so she was ejected from her car and the car rolled on top of her head. Her boyfriend was in the car with her. He was wearing his seat belt so he left the accident without a scratch. I wear a bracelet with her name and her dates on it and people always ask about it. I don't have any problem talking about the tradgey that changed my life forever! It is almost a weight that is lifted off of my chest.

So I recommend, if possible, to talk about it to anyone and everyone. I can guarantee you will feel better once you can talk about it. It took me 5 months before I could talk about it and not cry. 


What a very touching and important message! Letting young ones know how important it is to wear their seatbelts is a very worth while task. I am so sorry for your loss.

ooh my god  . . it should not be happened if did then GOD atleast gave her chance to improve the correction  .. She will be missed . .


--- Quote ---One way I have found to cope with my best friends death was talking about her and sharing her story with other friends.
--- End quote ---
I'm sorry your friend died.

You at least sound as though you're dealing with it better now.

And you're right that talking to other people about the death of a friend or family member could be very helpful in the healing process.

I am glad you had people to listen to you talk about your friend.

My mother died about two years ago, but nobody wants to talk to me about it. People (including family members, sadly) avoid me. They won't return phone calls, or e-mail me to ask me how I'm doing.

I am thinking some of these people are afraid if they talk to me about my mom's death it will only make me more sad, but no, it hurts worse to be ignored and avoided like this.

Maybe some of them feel uncomfortable to be around someone who is mourning and that's why they don't check up on me. I don't care what their reasons or excuses are, I find it unloving and selfish.

Feeling very bad that you lost your friend...very touching message it is...


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