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Easter with Loved Ones
« on: March 20, 2008, 08:52:22 AM »
Everyone seems surprised that Easter comes so early this year, and it does.  Evidently this is the earliest it has fallen in 95 years and will not come around this early again for another 95.  So we're here living it.  We also remember loved ones who are not with us at this time -- those we believe are actually "living" Easter in a very real way, although a way that's fairly beyond our ability to comprehend. 

Easter is the main event in Christian life.  Some people say it requies a lot of faith -- to believe in the Resurrection.  It is hard to have a conviction that life will triumph over death.  We know too much of terrorism and war, corruption and greed, illness and grief.  So many disappointments.

But I look at it like this.  Easter gives us faith and hope.  It's not a requirement that we have to muster the faith to believe it.  Faith and hope flow from Easter.  I think a neat way of seeing faith and hope is that faith is believing the Easter promises are true now; hope is having faith that the future will bear out: your faith was well founded. 

Seen this way in other words, I believe that Easter gives faith to persevere today and hope of Resurrection tomorrow.  I believe that, by God's grace, through faith, we can affirm and take comfort that life will conquer death and that the Resurrection will bring reunion with loved ones.         
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