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History of the Grieving Center

The Rev. William Purdy has been a dedicated community servant for over 20
years. Initially as a pastor in Miami and subsequently in Munich, Germany; and Brooklyn,
Queens and Manhattan, where he set set up a soup kitchen, a shelter for the homeless
and a drop-in center.  In 1989 he made a decision to begin work in end of life care,
this began his journey in bereavement counseling.  Rev. Purdy was
recently awarded the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Medal and an honorary doctorate. 

Eric Marciano is an award winning filmmaker who has owned a New York
based production company, American Montage, Inc., for over 25 years.
During his career he has divided his time between producing and
directing socially focused documentaries for major media corporations
as well as for his own company.  His other work includes: video
enriched websites, commercials, narrative films, music videos,
animations and corporate films.  His clients include: Discovery
Channel, HBO, ESPN, TLC, A&E, Black Filmmaker Foundation, Bristol
Meyers Squib, Pfizer, Cliff Freeman, Grey Advertising, Bloomingdales,
the US Army and many more. Eric Marciano earned a Bachelor of Fine
Arts from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Eric Marciano is
the Executive Producer of The Grieving Center.

The Grieving Center's origins truly begin in 2003 when Eric Marciano
and the Rev. William Purdy first met.  Rev. Purdy was interviewed for a
film Eric was producing on teen bereavement.

In collaboration, Will and Eric felt that bereavement services should be
available on the Internet and that a website could have an impact
world wide -- to an audience any time of day from any location - particularly
from the privacy of one's own home.  This is critical because much of the
grieving process is personal.   

Mr. Marciano had worked on a number of
websites, all of which were designed around video; in essence they
were web based television channels A website of this magnitude
required a substantial commitment and financial support from any
financier; Rev. Purdy recommended a friend, Sir Thomas Moore who was
duly impressed with the concept and so in August 2006, the journey to
create of The Grieving Center commenced.

One year later The Grieving Center launched with over an hour of
original programming, numerous articles on end of life care and grief
and a forum/blog where the community could gather together. 
With Will as the director, a few months later the website won the 2007 W3 Silver Award
from the International Academy of Visual Arts for concept,
design and innovation. The site continues to add new programming.  If
you have any ideas for video segments please email us:
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