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« on: March 21, 2007, 08:56:52 AM »
       The Grieving Center web site is a video based Internet destination designed to provide continuously updated information on bereavement and hope.  The users of the site are seeking solace and empowerment from the real life stories of others’.  The site inspires and informs, connecting individuals with agencies and other resources, and educating clinicians.

       In addition to video content, includes articles, music, art and poetry, and a robust forum where people blog on a wide variety of grief-related subjects. Launched in 2007, that same year the International Academy of Visual Arts awarded it the W3 SILVER AWARD for excellence.  The site has received millions of hits since then and currently has several thousand members. 

       The 25 originally produced videos cover a wide variety of subjects including the deaths of loved ones by suicide, accident, chronic illness, and military combat, and hospice related topics, as well as information on structuring a memorial service and the importance of music in grieving.  Some stories explain the feelings and situations of bereaved persons in order to help others understand and cope with the challenging experience.  Other episodes are meant to provide information on how to deal with the complex aspects of a loved one’s death and focus on the future.

      The Grieving Center is growing and seeks to add services and programming.  Plans include making the site accessible via smart phones and iPad-like devices and enabling people to post their own video stories.
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