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Little Scar by Molly Peacock
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I recently attended the third annual poetry reading at St. Paul's Chapel near Ground Zero. People are invited to read their own poetry or work by favorite poets. I was touched when an admirer read a poem by Molly Peacock, an established and esteemed poet based in New York City. It seems to me, as one living through the sudden death of my partner three years ago, that she "gets it." This is near the anniversary of David's death and I'm grateful that Molly Peacock has given me permission to share it with you. John Moody


The twin nature of a wound is healing
and reminding. The same scar that means
"it's over" recalls that the hard dead spot
at its center was once alive to feeling.
People worry about remembering
as they push aside what remains,
as if "getting over it" made the thought
of what happened into an obstacle,
but anyone who's lost anything, even
a torn stuffed bear, knows loss is the vestibule
to a parallel universe inside grieving,
where all who were lost still seem living.
Now we have to live with a scar, a strange
benumbed place we reenter as we change.

From The Second Blush by Molly Peacock published by W.W. Norton and Company.