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Brief Overview for 2008
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:56:30 PM »
Watch for a new music video with Asher Kelly-Nacht's piano piece dedicated to his father, the physician killed on his bike about whom we already have a video up.  We are also finishing our first Spansih language film, with a VA nurse back from Iraq, and will have a Discussion Board in Spanish moderated by Julio Torres, PhD.  The film is made possible by a grant from the Heidi Paoli Fund. 

Ed Rath is an artist whose wife was a hospice patient: in a vividly colorful film, he describes the paintings he did to come to terms with her death.  We have an interview with David Kessler, co-author with Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross, of "On Grief and Grieving," and another interview, with a seminary professor from the midwest.  In addition, we're finishing a film on teen grief. 

It should be a year full of varied and rich expression.  Your supoort is appreciated.  We know this web channel every month helps thousands cope with loss.  It's a project deserving our ongoing commitment, I think you'll agree.  Even a small gift makes a big difference.