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Jo Anne and Rita Are Missed
« on: August 06, 2012, 12:31:22 PM »
Word came to us very recently that Jo Anne Murphy Grafflin passed away.  Her first husband, Charles, was a noted street scape artist of New York scenes.  After his death, Jo Anne granted permission to the Grieving Center to use one of his paintings -- Bridge Light -- in our videos and other materials.  The picture of the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful and yet gritty, and it evokes reflection, invites imagining crossing over a symbolic bridge of life and moving on.  Mr. Murphy's talent was astounding, Mrs. Murphy Grafflin's permission to us generous, and the memory of them both most dear.     

Our dear friend, Rita, died last week, and we who knew her are sorely feeling the loss.  Among those who came to her funeral in Manhattan's Murray Hill neighborhood, were the clerk from CVS, where Rita got prescriptions filled, co-workers from the job she had before retirement, neighbors from the building where she lived more than 40 years, and friends she made around town.  The last group includes me.  She was a genuine New Yorker not only because she was born in the Bronx but because she let you know she loved you and always told you exactly what she thought.  Her faith in the Lord sustained her to the end.  May the Lord cause his face to shine on her always.