a web based television channel devoted to assisting those who have lost loved ones.

12 Questions About Hospice

This video is designed to answer 12 essential questions about hospice and palliative care.
The project was produced by www.grievingcenter.org

Friends In Deed

Since 1991, Friends In Deed has helped transform many thousands of lives through our programs and services. We provide emotional and spiritual support

The story of Ed Rath

This video is made possible by a grant from the Select Equity Group Foundation.

In this first of three illuminating segments, Ed Rath

Capturing A Short Life - Video Trailer

Capturing A Short Life is a beautiful and life-affirming documentary about families dealing with infant loss.  Combining verit? and interview

Holding Our Own

Filmmaker Camilla Rockwell sent the trailer to her film "Holding Our Own". We feel her program is helpful for those who are involved in

Francis Lamoureux Veteran's Day 2008

Last year the Grieving Center produced three segments about hospice and bereavement at the Veterans' Administration. The response was phenomenal.

Bonnie Bluh

When Bonnie Bluh's 102 year old mother died, she was deeply effected. Reluctantly, she reached out for bereavement counseling and was surprised

Capt. Maria Irizarry

The Grieving Center would like to send a special thanks to The Heidi Paoli Fund for making this video possible.
Capt. Maria Irizarry, RN is

Carolyn Cassin

Carolyn Cassin has devoted her professional career to improving end of life care in the US by helping develop legislation that became the Medicare

Grieving Center goes to the VA Part 1

The Veteran's Administration has a storied history. In recent times the VA has been an innovator in numerous areas of American Healthcare. This

Grieving Center goes to the VA Part 2

The Palliative Care  Program at New York Harbor Healthcare System is made of a team of professionals who devote themselves to the care of veterans.

Cliff Green's Last Birthday at the VA

Cliff Green was an Air Force veteran. His loving wife Dolores recounts the story of Cliff's
last birthday, his excellent palliative


Suicide carries many painful feelings for the survivors and can make for a complicated grief. In this eloquent and honest interview Billie tells

Lean On Me

This music video was filmed at a hospice memorial service.  It's a moving and spontaneous response to a beautiful piece of music performed

The Six C's of Memorial Services:

A memorial service is one of the most important aspects of the grieving process. This video explains the "Six C's" that can help anyone

Earle Hyman

Earle Hyman has been an acclaimed actor for many years, most notably as Bill Cosby's father, Mr. Huxtable on the Bill Cosby Show. Losing his partner

Janeen Otis

Janeen Otis has been selecting and performing music for many faith based events during the course of her career as a musician. She explains the importance


       [b]The Grieving Center[/b] web site is a video based Internet destination designed to provide continuously updated information

Mary Beth Kelly

Mary Beth Kelly watched the love of her life, the father of her children and a beloved New York physician, Dr. Carl Henry Nacht, killed in a tragic

The Reverend William Purdy

The Grieving Center began as a freestanding project in cooperation with a hospice bereavement center in New York City.  The site now serves

Sir Thomas Moore

The founder of the Grieving Center explains why he wanted to create a web-based television destination for bereavement.

Gloria DuClere

Gloria DuClere describes how she experienced various feelings of loss as her mother's health declined and how hospice and bereavement counseling

The Reverend William Purdy

The director of the Grieving Center is interviewed by Court TV about collective grieving post 9/11.

Letitia Alston

Letitia Alston felt she was prepared for the imminent passing of her father. What she wasn't prepared for was the murder of her brother.

Departures - Video Trailer

Academy Award? Winner for Best Foreign Language Film of the year, "Departures" is a delightful and sensitive journey into the heartland